Perfection is our goal for your new home but no matter how perfect and careful the construction, setting and drying will inevitably happen.

Generally, this period of setting and drying happens during one cycle of the seasons (i.e. one year). It’s normal to expect some wood shrinking, hairline cracks or warping because of this period. We construct our homes to resist that as much as possible but when it goes past the “norm” to something extreme, as illustrated in our warranty, we promise to step in and repair or replace.  We stand behind our work and want you to love your new home. Contact us for the full warranty.


“My husband and I purchased our first home built by S&A Homes and have been so happy with it. We are first time home buyers and when we came across this home both of us had the same thought: “this is the one!” We have lived in the house for about 9 months now and have enjoyed making it our home. The kitchen and living room space were what sold us as it is wide open and a great entertaining area, as well as a space for the two of us to hang out together while one may be cooking and one may be lounging. We love the tile floors that are made to look like wood throughout the house. Each room is beautifully crafted, the location is near a great school system and we love the neighborhood. It is just amazing and we couldn’t be happier!”

The Harm Family